Actor Daniel Sunjata from Graceland

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ArchieRocks / Hi David! Thank you so much for coming to Asia, escleialpy to the Philippines. I went to your concert in Araneta Coliseum and it was beyond amazing. Thanks for singing to your Filipino fans and audience and we really CANNOT wait for your next visit. Your songs really inspire us and make us feel you more. Continue doing good music and sharing the good person and artist that you are by singing and touching more lives. We Filipino fans support you ONE MILLION percent!!! God bless!

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Hazeleyd71(Michelle) / GREAT vlog! It’s wonderful to see how happy you are over there in Asia David! Glad you’re lovnig the cuisine there ha ha. We’ve been watching your arrivals and concerts thru Ustream, thanks to some awesome Indonesian, and Filipino fans! We’re enjoying everything! We miss you here in the USA! I’m so happy and proud of everything you are doing! Love your new TOSOD ATE songs! Wait is my fave! Hoping one day we’ll get to hear you perform that beautiful song live! Really love the vibe of Love Don’t Hate and Everything and More , gosh you soar on that one! It’s awesome!Take care,and enjoy the rest of your trip!

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